Myths About Casinos and Slot Machines

Slot machines (or slots) are a very fun type of game that we can find in any casino and the occasional bar. If we are lucky, a coin can turn into very interesting profits.

The Temperature Of The Machine Does Not Matter

This comes from the fact that any machine, subjected to extreme conditions of cold or heat, has a certain deterioration.

But there is no evidence linking an extreme change in temperature to a slot machine giving more prizes.

Some individuals think that the machine gets hotter at the time it is ready to give prizes (they even touch them to control this heat).

Oxygen Pumping In Casinos

Another of the stupid beliefs that circulate, is about stories that are told about a system capable of pumping extra oxygen in these establishments.

Stories claim that this pumping would allow players to stay sharper for longer and that this would make them keep playing and spend more money. Fake too.

Remote Control Machines

Another myth that circulates claims that casinos have remote control of slot machines and that there is someone who decides when an individual will receive the prize and when not. I would be obliged to give it from time to time so that they would not suspect that the game is rigged.

Although it may seem logical to us, the truth is that this is impossible taking into account the mechanism on which the machines are based.

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